Keeping your kids safe

From Lt. Bruce
I have spent the last two days immersed in case studies of Child Exploitation including Sex Trafficking, Child Pornography and other horrible crimes. So many truly heartbreaking cases. 
I have some advice for parents that I, with a humble heart, wish to offer:
1. Educate yourself on the issue of Child Exploitation. Knowledge is power. 
2. Create structure in the family environment. Children crave structure. Make sure they have boundaries and enforce it. 
3. Do not allow your child to have passwords to any device (cell phone, computer, gaming devices, etc) that can access social media. Make it a non-negotiable. If you can’t get into it, take it.
4. Search that device at random, unscheduled times. Make sure your child knows it WILL happen but not WHEN. 
5. Get to know their friends and their friends family. Especially those friends they hang out with. 
6. Hold them accountable. They might rebel. They might scream that they hate you. But, you just might save their life. 

In 2017- 464,324 reports were filed with the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children! 43,452 of those were from Texas. 

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Christine Walker
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